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Setting up your Profile

Here you can find some of the possibilities of the profile settings.

Setting up your Profile Avatar

  • Click here to setup your avatar.
  • Upload your profile photo and select how your profile photo should be cropped.
  • Click on crop image. Your new profile photo was uploaded successfully.

Setting up your Profile Cover image

( For better results, make sure to upload an image that is larger than 1350px wide, and 350px tall. )


  • Click here to setup your cover.
  • Select your file and upload your profile cover. Your new profile photo was uploaded successfully.

Setting up your Personal Info

This is the "About Me" widget that is visible at your account for everyone. Here you can add an extra picture, and you can tell more information about yourself. For example which games you play.


Setting up your Social Info

You can setup Facebook - Google Plus - Twitter - Instagram


  • Click here to set up your personal social media account to share it from your profile with everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

Change your Email/Password

Change your Notifications Settings

You can choose the way you like to getting notification emails.


  • Click here to set up when we may send you an email ๐Ÿ˜›

About Groups

Here you can find some of the possibilities of the Groups settings.

The purpose of groups


Create groups about your favorite game, or anything else related to games. Think of your youtube channel that you want to promote. Or maybe you want to create a help group, admin group or trading group.

Create your own group

  • Click here to create a new group
  • Choose a Group Name and Group Description and click on create group and continue
  • Choose your group privacy options and which members of this group are allowed to invite others? And click on next step.
  • Upload an image to use as a profile photo for this group.
  • Upload your cover image. The Cover Image will be used to customize the header of your group.
  • Select people to invite from your friends list and click on finish.

Activity Wall/Group wall

Here you can find some of the possibilities of the Activity Wall.

Using Smilies

What Are Smileys?

Smileys, also known as โ€œemoticonsโ€, are glyphs used to convey emotions in your writing. They are a great way to brighten up your posts. ๐Ÿ˜€

Text smileys are created by typing two or more punctuation marks. Some examples are:

icontexttextfull texticonfull text

Why Doesnโ€™t it Work for Me?

If smileys work for others at your site but not for you: ๐Ÿ™„

Type a space before and after your smiley text. That prevents the smiley being accidentally included in the text around it.
Make sure not to use quotes or other punctuation marks before and after the smiley text.

Activity wall Attachments

Allowed image extensions

  • HEVC
  • HEIF
  • PNG
  • JPG
  • JPEG
  • GIF

Allowed video extensions

  • MOV
  • AVI
  • M4V
  • HEIC
  • MP4
  • WEBM

Max File Size

Attachment max size by megabytes (70)

Max Attachments Number

Slideshow and photos max number per post (50)

Allowed Comments Attachments

  • HEVC
  • HEIF
  • PNG
  • JPG
  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • MOV
  • AVI
  • M4V
  • HEIC
  • MP4
  • WEBM

Activity wall allowed html

About HTML

HTML is the language in which most websites are written. HTML is used to design pages and make them functional. We think that you too deserve a small opportunity to cheer up your posts.That is why we allow the html below!

Create a text link

<aย href="https://domain"ย target="_blank">yourtext!</a>

Bold text

This is normal text - <b>and this is bold text</b>.

Italic text

This is normal text - <em>and this is italic text</em>.

Underline text

This is normal text - <u>and this is underline text</u>


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